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Body Shape

Posted by Milan on 30th Oct 2018

Not every dress is for you. When you want to choose, ask your body shape.

You have a prom night where you want to look fabulous? You’re attending your childhood friend’s wedding and want to be next to the bride? Party at your friend’s where every single man will lose his head over you? Business dinner which could be a breakthrough for your career? Just a night out in a dress which leaves everyone breathless?

All of these situations make you want to look beautiful. Perfect.

Choice of clothing is very important. You want to look pretty and attractive, but to feel comfortable at the same time.

How can you know which dress will look astonishing on you?

You can find out very easily. It depends on your body shape.

What body shape am I?

First of all, you should determine your body shape type. Knowing this, you will be able to hide your “imperfections” and emphasize your best assets. The first step is measuring the dimensions of your bust, waist and hips.

Apple body type


This body type is characterized by approximately the same width of shoulders and hips, undefined waist, bust that is about 3 inches wider than your hips. Weight tends to form on the stomach. Legs and arms are usually slender.

Pear body type


This type of female figure has well-defined waist and hips much larger than your bust and shoulders. Arms are proportionately slim and neck is elegant. You first gain weight in the lower part of the body. Bottom and legs then become fuller than the rest of your body.

Rectangle body type


Women of this body type have hips and bust of approximately the same width. Waist is about 1-8 inches smaller than the bust. The bottom usually appears to be flat. This shape is considered to be the athletic type of body. If you gain weight, it tends to go to all sections proportionally.

Hourglass body type


This type is characterized by the beautifully defined waist, and the sizes of your bust and hips are almost the same. It is often characterized by the noticeably big bust and fuller bottom and thighs.

Three dress shapes

Empire waist dress – When it comes to this kind of dress, waistline is positioned above the actual waist, sometimes just below the bust. They are usually long and loosely fitting, lengthening the body’s appearance. They can be decorated with many details, such as jewels, embroidery or flowers.


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A-line dress – These dresses fit tightly around the waist, and gradually widen towards the hem. This kind of dress has no visible embellishments, such as pleats or slits. But they can have belts or buttons down the central seam. The best quality of this type of dress is that it makes the hips and thighs appear slimmer and accentuate the waist and brings it to focus.


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Drop-waist dress – They perhaps look the best on the short dresses. They fall nicely from shoulders to hips, where they can be pleated or can have a waistline that falls near the level of the hips and not waist. These dresses bring long and nicely shaped legs into focus.


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Dresses for all body types

Apple type

Strapless dresses look great on you, because your arms are your best asset. Conceal your waist by choosing an empire waist type dress. V-neck dresses are also a good choice. It is better to choose shorter dress, so your legs can be visible. Dresses of only one color definitely look better on you than the colorful ones.


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Pear type

You should balance the top and the bottom parts of your body, and accentuate your waist. Do this by wearing dresses with the narrow waistline, such as A-line dresses, in bright colors on the upper part and darker on the bottom part. If you like higher necklines, you should choose a dress that is pleated on your bust, which will make your breasts appear visually larger. If you prefer deeper necklines, it should be U or V-shaped. Try to find the dress that has knee-length.


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Rectangle type

One of the best parts of this type of body are legs. So show them off. Therefore, you should choose short dresses. However, if you choose longer dress, it should have deep slits. It is also important to accentuate the waist. Narrow-waisted A-line dresses are excellent choice. Wide belt in dark color is also great idea. Top part of the dress should be straight or heart-shaped. Drop-waist mini dress also flatters this type of figure, since it conceals the waist and brings legs into focus.


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Hourglass type

This type of figure is perfect for an A-line dress. A dress that is narrow at the waist, skintight, which accentuates your curves and waist. Top part should have V-neck, and when it comes to length, the choice is on you. Try to avoid dresses with the waistline positioned right below the bust and baggy clothes, since they conceal your figure.


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Did we help you?

Let these pieces of advice be your guidelines in creating your individuality. Be special.

Create your own style.

Every body figure has its own advantages and positive sides. Find them. Show them. Enjoy yourself.

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