Mother of the Bride Evening Dresses: Shopping Tips

5th Jul 2019

It may be the biggest day of your princess's life, but this is also a big day for you as well! You will be walking down the aisle holding your child's hand, sitting in the front row, dancing cheerfully, and mingling with every guest with warm gratitude. After a bride and groom, it's always been the mother of the bride who is the highlight of the wedding.

Being a gorgeous mother of your child, you definitely want an outfit that fits your important role as a bride's mother and can captivate everyone's attention. Here we have done full research and compiled a list of the top 5 things every woman should take into consideration when shopping for stunning mother of the bride evening dresses for women this year.

This shopping trip is going to be a very difficult journey for you, so take a deep breath and consider the following:

Choose A Dress Which Complements The Bride

You want to look subtle, not an odd one out. Make sure your colors go well with your daughter's bridal look, instead of dominating her style. Also, be careful to choose a different style of dress than the bride and bridesmaids, this could be a huge blunder!

Let The Bride Be Your Guide

After all, she has planned lots of things for her wedding. So, it's okay if she guides you towards designer mother of the bride evening dresses because she will guide you according to her wedding outfit and theme. You are an important member of the day and want to look the part. So, before selecting any piece, have an interaction with your daughter and know her choice first!

Consider A Timeless, Elegant Style

As the mother of the bride, you'll want a look that is elegant, graceful and never goes out of fashion. Avoid anything too trendy or flashy. Look for designer dresses for women in a classic A-line or empire silhouette, with sleeves and a modest neckline. Fabrics like satin, chiffon or lace in neutral or muted tones will give you a refined and sophisticated look. Focus on the quality and cut of the dress rather than making a bold fashion statement. Timeless elegance and beauty have no age limit, so find a style you feel confident and comfortable in.

Take The Color Idea From The Wedding Theme

Color is, of course, one of the biggest factors which you should check out. Generally, the mother of the bride should opt for a color tone that should complement the bridesmaids' dresses or wedding theme. If you want to match, consider the same designers who have designed your daughter's bridesmaid dresses and have something aligning with the mother's collection.

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Comfort Should Always Come Before Fashion

You have loads of responsibility on your shoulders as a bride's mother. This is going to be a long, busy day for you, so don't buy anything that you didn't find comfortable to wear the whole day. If you're not comfortable walking, bending, sitting, or even stretching your arms, you'll regret choosing such an uncomfortable fashion over a comfy fit.

So many great ideas and helpful tips! As the most lovable daughter, don't forget to pass this on to your mom for inspiration.