New York Dress Styles: A Visual Journey Through The Eye Of Fashion

New York Dress Styles: A Visual Journey Through The Eye Of Fashion

25th Apr 2024

The main aspect of feeling and looking your best is keeping up with fashion trends. Everything is right up to you! Do you understand the style that suits you the best? You can now create your unique style with the right inspiration, your mood, and your knack for fashion choices.

If you are planning to add different New York dress styles, however, you need to decide the one that matches your personality, body shape, and needs; then you are on the right page. At DressMeUpNY, we bring you the ultimate guide to pick the best dress style to upgrade your confidence and aesthetics.

About Personal Styling

Style is defined by the manner in which you express and showcase yourself. This can be through your clothing choice, style of walking, or hobby. In the world of fashion, "style" refers to your taste or the manner in which a person portrays themselves through their choice of clothing, hairstyle, accessories, or the manner in which they mix and match their outfits.

Style has no bounds. Whether someone is stylish or does not follow any fashion trends, they can stay updated on their aesthetics. Personal choice of style is indicated towards developing one's true self instead of blindly indulging in the trends.

Choice of Colors & Patterns For Dress Styles

If you are planning to purchase any cocktail dress or prom dresses in NYC then choice of color and patterns plays a pivotal role. It might appear a bit of an arduous task for those who are planning to opt for a more classical or natural personality. Then, you can check out more about the different personalities. Our blog is the ideal place to start.

The neutral shades, simple floral patterns, or polka-dotted dresses showcase more based on the pattern-based personalities. The other option while in search of the right dress style that has more than a single pattern is the ideal one to check out if you want. Also pick the color that is under your color shade options and couple them up with the neutral ones matching the same with the accessories of your choice.

If your style is more creative or dramatic, you can check out the amazing or abstract patterns that work well with your choices. There are also some great patterns to choose from, especially if you are planning a prom night. Pick something that runs wild from our collection of prom dresses in New York. The patterned dresses work superbly with patterns that clash well with your shoes or jackets while you showcase your personal choices. Also, pair your prom dress with matching shoes and other accessories.

Type Of Dress Styles To Opt For

The dress type can highlight a few of your body parts, so it relies on which area you wish to accentuate more, as you can search for a specific style. Our experts often recommend knowing your body shape as these would be the ideal options for highlighting or accentuating your shape; however, you can find a dress that matches your confidence. It is recommended to check out the varied colors and lengths to add them to your wardrobe.

Remember to add a couple of the body shapes and styles that suit you best, and we'll help you get started here!

Pear shape or Triangle – Separates and Wraps dresses

          Wraps dresses                                                Separates and Wraps dresses

Pear shapes are the ones when the body has smaller shoulders than the hips. Here, you can try out the New York Dresses that highlight the waist but with wider thighs. It is the reason why the dresses showcasing your waist will glide seamlessly over your hips to make you feel more confident.

Some Separates come with the perfect waist cut that can highlight the wait, defining your true body type. You should look for the ones with smoother flares starting right at the waist. We will also recommend the ones with overall prints or ones without any print at the bottom. A sweetheart or square neckline can make your eyes glow upwards, showcasing your chest and waist. Find the one with details like ruffles, frills, off shoulders right on the top that will help you accentuate your shoulders.

Hourglass - Couture, bodycon, and belted dresses

If your body has an hourglass shape, you can choose the ones that travel to your waist with identical shoulder and hip ratios. You can now find affordable couture dresses that will best match your body type. You can even try the belter and bodycon dresses if you wish to highlight the smaller waist, and you can use a belt here.

Along with the bodycon dresses, you can accentuate your entire body, showcasing the curves with balanced proportions.

If you pick belter dresses relying mainly on the entire length of your torso, you will aim to appear at the right size for the belted ones. A few of us might have longer or even smaller shoulders. Slim belted ones are the ideal option to highlight your smallest points. The other option would be to locate the best dress that comes with a belt, and it can eventually highlight your waist without affecting your style.

Apple or Oval - Empire & tunic

The Apple-shaped body refers to those with broader shoulders compared to the hips but a bigger waist and bust compared to their slimmer legs. By choosing the best New York designer dresses, you can accentuate your legs and have the right dress shape, with the waist higher and gliding over the waist.

Empire styles have higher waistlines, mainly right under the bust. They are the ideal option for your body shape, highlighting your bust line. If you wish to appear more sleek and stylish with the dress, the empire style is the ideal choice with a shorter hemline that highlights your bust, especially with the style matching your square neck, making it the ideal choice for NYC prom dresses.

Rectangle – straight lines & shift

Rectangle shapes tend to have a minimally defined waistline and are more athletic in their shape. This means the best looks can either work to create the illusion of a more defined waist or look for a dress that falls straight from the shoulders down.

If you are looking for where to buy dresses in NYC, we bring you straight dress collections that will adequately match your body type to keep the dresses minimal but form a highly versatile option. So, it primarily relies on your hem length so that you can wear them even for work or heading out for dates.

Shop The Best Online!

Decking up yourself for every occasion can be challenging for you. Try our varied collection of New York dress styles that match all your occasions, be it a team meeting, prom, get-together, or anything. At DressMeUpNY we bring for you different colors, patterns, and outfits that you can choose from. Feel more comfortable and stylish while not backing out from showcasing your personality. Our guide today will help you find the dress of your choice and leave an everlasting impression to turn every head onto you. So, take advantage of our latest collection and allow your inner fashionista to shine all day round on every occasion!